VA Satellite by Oxygen records Nov 25, 2004

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    Hello all trancers and especially morning trance lovers should read this sheet very carefully. We are very happy that we can inform you about this very special occasion – the first release from ultimate morning trance label Oxygen Records is finished and will be released pretty soon. The 1st release is a compilation called V.A. SATELLITE and if you are prepared we will provide you with the breathtaking tracklist. We are really glad to say that all of the artists love this idea behind – and that is to release intelligent/interesting morning music in all variations – so to cooperate with them was like waiting for the pearls.
    So what do we got here?
    Czeck that out.

    Oxygen records – V.A. Satellite compiled by dj T.V.

    1-Mr. Peculiar – Elevation (written and produced by Dustin Saalfield) Australia
    2-Setherian – Patch This (written and produced by dj Seth) Brazil
    3-Audialize – Full On Chaos Magic (written and produced by Joao Appel) Portugal
    4-E-jekt – Shigris (written and produced by Nir Shoshani and Uri Azene) Izrael
    5-Vibra- Alien Intelligence (written and produced by Daniel Costa) Brazil
    6-Spectra – Radiation Status (written and produced by Paulo and Francisco Oliveira) Portugal
    7-Gappeq – One Soul (written and produced by Jiri Tomasek) Czech
    8-Alternative Control – Esperanto (written and produced by Rastko Palikuca and Goran Toprek) Serbia
    9-Sound Field – Ocean in Motion (written and produced by Andy Yakovlev and Liron Atia) Izrael

    mastered by a master of clear sound alias Sensient in Sensient labs – Australia.

    There will be also a special competition for Oxygen releases. So that’s why check out our website frequently to know whats going on. The site is in progress and will online in few weex.

    If u feel u have what to tell us, pls don’t hasitate – we are looking for your opinions, ideas and thoughts. Also if u r an artist, promoter, distributer, tommyknocker or multilocker – we would love to hear from u.

    Don’t forget that copying kills OUR music. Download with intelligence!

    C u by the sunrise

    Take cake

    O2 crew.
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    Hey Tomas, great to hear about your first release. I look forward to it :Wink3: :sun: :peace: :clubjump: :smilemus:
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    Behind You
    Sound Field gonna rock ya!
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