VA "Shades of Light" [Virus Tekk Records]


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The first release on Virus Tekk Records is the compilation CD "Shades of Light" which features tracks from both well established artists as well as a handfull of newcomers.
Musicly the album consists of different shades of Psychedelic Trance ranging from both dark nightime music to light morning tracks.
All in all a complete journey thru Psychedelic / Full On Trance music, compiled by Rishi aka Jakob Rosenkrantz, who is also the label manager of Virus Tekk Records.

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Tracklist - Shades of Light - Virus Tekk Records.

1.Rishi - Mind And Matter
2.Ganesh Project - Mono Star
3.Intersys - Shades Of Grey
4.Toxical - Freak Out
5.Psynutz - Psy Storm
6.Nasa - A Bit Closer To Heaven
7.A.M.F - Dwell On Dreams
8.Vipasana Feat. Khepri Duo - Systematic
9.Logarythm - Virus Infection

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