VA - The Lurker - Cosmic Conspiracy Rec. *comming soon*

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VA - The Lurker - Cosmic Conspiracy Rec.
Cosmic Conspiracy Records proudly brings

V/A ''The Lurker'' A guided and themed voyage of rare deep sea grooves and underwater sightings of moody minimal monsters that reside at extreme depths, rarely often explored by humans.

After extensively trawling the dark depths of the oceans of the world, Cosmic Conspiracy helps in bringing to the surface 10 fresh original new tunes from the extreme depths below, now caught, weighed and on display to see the light and be enjoyed by all.

''The Lurker'' also features the first offering from the surprising new Danish project by Moses and Psypox, BUFO. Their track ''Midget Midge'' is but a dangling bait leading up to there debut album out this year on CCR.

CCRCDO3 ''The Lurker'' Featured Artists ,

01. Fine Diner / Moving
02. The Cujurious one / Big Girls fold there own notes
03. Minimal Criminal / Zulu Pazuzu
04. Static Corn / The Goblin Vs Mr Tierny
05. Psypox / Diesel donkey
06. Bufo / Midget Midge
07. Hedonix / Nova ordum securum
08. The Cujurious One / Twist The Truth
09. Tribalistic Society / Lightning Storm
10..Meeloo / Currents

The Lurker'' tells the tale of a rather large, and ill tempered, deep sea fish and its journeys and subsequent travels on its path through life. Complete with a chapter/track listing and story walk-through to better assist you in the deep sea voyage and to aid in helping you indentify the movements and living habits of these strange deep sea creatures.

Expected release date:April 06 (delayed)

Compiled by: dj Wizdumb

Cover Art by: Ozone

Mastered by: Sensient

Remember to decompress slowly after your voyage to better avoid the risks of rapid re-surfacing!!!!,

CCR accepts no responsibility for injury sustained due to prolonged exposure to the extreme pressures of the deep sea.