VA - Tweakers

That is a great one for sure, If you liked that check out the new "Deeper" album and the new "special selections dbl disc" both are really good and I have been getting amazing results playing them out here.

GMS= amazing.......drool.

Tristan Newton
much respect for the sudio tweakage and this nu chapter in GMS-ibiza-posse-carve-up! ... real having it and a positive sign for spun !!
if you like GMS sound, this is a pot of gold ... although for me it's not my cup of tea, too full on and more of a bang-crunch then swirl and whirl ...

hot points : eskimo track (winner by far) ... i been waiting ages for a track with a sample saying in a very tripped out way 'i love everything...'
also last track GMS-tweakers is very very funky

cold points : much the same old same spun/gms sound, just a few different tweaks and no send off at the end of the cd with a 'zorba' track that changes the tone ..

over all : f**king havin' (again!)


Whizz Bang Whizz Bang in typical Spun Stylee...

Top of the pops...
Eskimo, Brain XL, Rocking Tunes!
Wizzy Noise, Joti and Paul nice 303 Linez at the end.
Sub 6 and Pixel is my fav, More Original, Quality Noises.

Some of the other upcoming \ younger Spun artists, sound a bit GMS clone.
They are lucky to have an outlet, in the regular spun compilations, but they need to be individuals as well.

DDDRnB sounds a bit too Hoover Rave stylee 4 me.
In some ways Zero 1 sounded a bit better 4 me.
I got this two days ago and I've been CANING it! Its great, not a dud chune on there...I got sick of the GMS sound a couple of years ago, but this sounds pretty fresh to me, but then I'm a sad old goa-head so its not surprising :lol: