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After the clear success of HOCUS PEAKUS, CHILLING GODDESS, and the three first compilations, Peak Records strikes again, proudly presenting UTOPEAK. It is more of a crescendo with “lighter†tracks at the beginning and going further and further and further into psychedelic realms, then “softer†again at the end. As usual there are no gaps in between the tracks making perfect home listening material, as well as being absolutely useable by djs in party situations.
Compiled once again by dj Gaspard, this v/a brings you tracks by artists from Switzerland, France, Norway, Germany and Portugal. Still promoting the ever-growing Swiss psychedelic trance scene as well as picking the “cream†of the international scene, these tracks are sure to blast dancefloors all over the planet and beyond! The music shown here is very representative of Gaspard’s dj sets. His selection has been appreciated on previous Peak compilations as well as in parties all around the globe. On this compilation you will be taken on a journey by ten pukka psychedelic trance tracks, framed by token chill intro and outro!

Track list

1. The Peaking Goddess Collective - Utopia (144 bpm)
w&p by Ajja S.F. Leu, T. Innocenti, M. Antognini, naration by P. Van Der Merwe

2. Yab-Yum –Tits on a Bwwwarhog (147 bpm)
w&p by ajja s. f. leu and dj gaspard

3. Shotu vs Suddha – osiris (146 Bpm)
w&p by david marmin & nicolas pineau

4. Hyper Frequencies – 4 peak (145 bpm)
w&p by gilles beraud

5. Naked N3xu5 – maschinen(147bpm)
w&p by miguel lopes, z-neo and iguana at nakedz studio berlin
vocals by: nina galle, martin & luis lopes

6. Electrypnose – defasoul (147 bpm)
w&p by vin’s le barde

7. Phonic Request and Akhoa– speed freak battle rmx (146 bpm)
w&p by wilfried decaesteker et olivier charpier

8. Drumatik – vampire empire (148 bpm)
w&p by benjamin klingemann

9. Digitalist – jackpot- (148 bpm)
w&p by thomas franske @ digitalist studio

10. Phobium – touched by the glitch (146 bpm)
w&p by henning h. ottesen

11. Yab-Yum – yabyumski (146 bpm)
w&p by ajja s. f. leu and dj gaspard

12. Master Margherita – life- utopian rmx (80 bpm)
w&p by m. antognini

Style: psytrance
Released: december 2005

Compiled by dj Gaspard
Artwork by Ajja S.F. Leu & Tanina Munchkina
Mastered by chromatone @
Distributed worldwide by Arabesque (



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really looking forward to hearing a couple of those tracks, especially the electropnose one
their stuff is blinding