VA - Zoo3 CD Review (oops??)

Damion slatted it his review of it anyways. Me thinks the man has thicker skin that that anyways hehe
Biggins2012 said:
woah!! whos paranoia? damions?

bleak...well apologies if its off the back of my post

:o It was your fault! Look what you did!! :o
Hmm.. I suspect I may have missed the boat on giving this album a good kicking, but I feel the need to say that most of the tunes of this stink to high heaven, and the ones with singing in especially make me recoil in horror. Getcher head outyer ass skazi.
I really liked ZOO and ZOO2.
is it safe for me to come out of bed now?

oops. looks not.

shit album.

no worries biggins :Wink3:
This is not psychedelic - however you look at it. And I haven't even heard it! What kind of judge-a-book-by-it's-cover wanker am I?

In fact, the cover is the best element about this steaming pile of utter crap.

F**K off Skazi you music hater!

Everyone's entitled to their opinion right?!


I just cringe when people say he's the best psychedelic act around (I read it on isra-prance) Do these people enjoy being f***ed by a wire brush too?

S.K.A.Z.I - the guy you love to hate.
Hey! I liked some of the stuff on the Dino Psaras album "lick it", Old Cool Tweakers and the 80s virus both rocked.

As for Zoo 3, I agree though I still quite like the Sataisfaction RMX and so does every dance floor i've used it on. So there :P
I concur with everyone that thinks this is bollocks. It is indeed bollocks. Zoo 1 has got the best "pan-down-the-stairs" noise ever, and the Exaile track with the Hulk Hogan "where's it gone? oh, here it is" bit, Zoo 2 was fulla nasties, Zoo 3 is, well - it's a shit zoo with no animals. No good. There's one skazi track fulla rave noises that i do like, but I'm aware that that's cos I have liked hard house.

Maybe it's Israelis wanting to be pop stars. Stay underground! Keep da faith! Etc! :lol: :no: