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100 Full Moons
Cosmogenesis (UK)

Ahhh the four corners of the psytrance globe. Goa, Australia, Thailand and er... North Wales. Yup. A long time coming, but the part of the British Isles where magic mushrooms outnumber human beings several hundred to one has just launched its first label with this, a nightmarish collection of disturbed trance that suggest more than a hint of psilocybin in the water. Sinkronik's Disco Biscuit opens up, a pounding migarine of a track that lets up little ass it pummels you into the ground. Psycotacine & The Psyentist take the centre stage for four (count 'em) tracks. Ying Yang is a rolling, recoiling, outdoor-party monster, with acidic stabs, breakbeat interludes and a generally paranoid air that's rather pleasant. Hanab Ku is more chuggy, scything -- think JP Noir spread out over the course of ten horrorfilm minutes. Geneticly Mud 'e' Fried is seriously twisted, a massive breakdown giving way to a sort of finnish saunatrance mashfest, but it sounds to all intents and purposes like you're positioned directly between two rigs at a muddy outdoor bash, hearing the bass from one sound system and the melody from another. And being in the middle, the effect is... floaty!! Yup. Mystically Spaced is my favourite of all their tracks, having a nice stuttered "fuckup" bit in the middle ala Party Pooper, only with more violence. At eleven odd minutes it's not for the faint hearted. Kaned & Unabel step in with Addicted To The Cure, something we suspect is more about drugs than Robert Smith's band of miserable millionaire misfits. It's harsh, it's caustic, it's got large breakdowns and sort of combines the finnish, mentalist mydriasis with hardcore, rainy-night outdoor raving. Psyshaker's M-Theory is utter class, a squelchy-qwerty rampant romp of profuse proportions, with bags of quirky charm and downright outdoor stompability. Andro's 2012...A New Discovery has shifting mathmos time signatures, with enough attitude over the top to make Iggy Pop question his punk sensibilities, while closing track Genetic & Psycotacine's Genetic Groove is a mammoth stomper, reminiscent of Mandra Gora's Wicked Warp... f*ing huge mate. All in all this is promising -- the production makes this raw, no-frills stuff. If Astrix is Playboy and Dragonfly is Hustler, then this is some eastern european amateur site. I could continue that sentence and talk about donkeys and vegetables, but you get the idea. Rough, tough and never quite enough, we can expect more great things from this label. Oh, and I should perhsaps add that you may need to chase down the worldwide distributors for this one: Chaos Unlimited,