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what in tintern abbey are you talking about?
Dragonfly (UK)

Wingmakers parties have been the crème de la crème of UK underground gatherings for some years; few and far between, they come closest to those ‘legendary’ Dragonfly bashes of yesteryear and this compilation, coupled with a rather tasty-looking launch party in London this Friday, is one of the best things to have happened to the UK scene all year. It’s a who’s who of UK trance illuminate, recording tracks with Pogo (who appears to have a collection of brilliant samples at his disposal), as well as some other choice contenders. Silicon Sound kick things off with Wired, a straight-down-to-business showcase of why SS’s breezily melodic sound is among the most loved at the moment. Laughing Buddha & Pogo’s Dragon Wings is frantic, with great samples and a melodic-but-cruncy danceability. Pogo then teams up with Dickster, and it’s uncommonly good stuff – once again the samples are great, and Dickster’s unflinching backbone adds gnarl and snarl to proceedings. Next up, Tristan plus yup you guessed it Pogo, and this is utterly superb. The much-missed Tristan, moving away slightly from the scary its-behind-you nightmare trance of high-watermark Audiodrome moves gorgeously and the top-notch production brings a tear to the eye. Graham Wood & Franco Rossi’s Resurge is a delight, a real smack back to 1995, as the Infinity Project maestro returns to those big crescendos, eastern riffs and deep kicks. Prometheus’ Golden Triangle is a smoother ride than normal for Benji, sitting in at a mature and confident 142bpm, and Quadra’s Alien Life Form builds into the perfect groove, in keeping with Quadra’s gliding, rolling style. Phoenix Rising by Wingmakers is class in a glass, one of the best samples I’ve heard in ages, coupled with a fat upsy-downsy groove, begging to be played on a big rig. If you can keep still to this, you’re either dead or on ketamine. Finally, Polaris & Hopi close the album off with a smooth, isra-friendly track that has plenty of smooth melody and glide all the way through it. All in all, a nice collection showcasing the latest in a series of reinvented London sounds.

ab fab baby :wizard1: :partysmi: :rolleyes: great cd and really lookin forward to my first WM party.

Really looking forward to some smooth dragonfly trance brightning up my caselogic, nice review damio :Wink3:
got it.....nice an chunky with nice spaced out melodies.....certainly a groover.....nice one Pogo
can't wait to hear the new prometheus tune
wow ... dragonfly are back !! this is the best comp ive heard from the dragonfly trance depo since the last album pogo complied ...
fav track at the moment is without doubt in graham wood and franco rossi's wink at the old skool, excellent production and beats with the best sounds that trance has ever given us minus the cheese (!!) .. also the prometheus deep tech-trance minimal funky number is lovely ... i think it opens with a lovely floating number bu silicon sound, very nice .. more on this soon

3 / 3 so far ...


Yeap! I want! :goodthre:
Yeah this is good for sure, super groovvy, not sure if I prefer this though, I think beaches and cream still edges ahead for me.

Silicon Sound Wired, Tristan and Pogo, and Wingamakers Track are instant fav's.

Polaris needs to write a new melody, it sounds too similar to his album work in my opinion, it's good stuff but you can milk a good thing.... :Wink3:

Thanx Dragonfly and Pogo good work. :Grin:
geoffwiffen said:
Polaris needs to write a new melody, it sounds too similar to his album work in my opinion, it's good stuff but you can milk a good thing.... :Wink3:
i dunno most polaris tunes arent that good but i think this one gets it right. I'm sure pogo played it at the endish of his set and it sounded xtra fat, perhaps not on 2nd hearing tho we'll see

i have regretfully decided that the only quadra tracks i like are the old solstice ones and electric woggle...

and maybe (not definately) possibly 1 or 2 off the album thats been in my house all this time but i still havent listened too, normally chomping at the bit, frothing at the mouth, says something surely?
quadra album is good in my opinion, there are 3 stand out tracks on it.....the track on the wingmakers comp prob not as strong as some of the album fodder though.
omg the prometheus track is FUCKING BANGIN'! :wo^thy: :rocker: :party2: :jump: :punk: :speaker: :wow: :dancey:
yea, quality. nice sounds, plently of surprises, enough fatty yet not predictable riffage, and some wicked samples.

::dance dance lots lots::