Vatos Locos - Attack and Release


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The collaborative project between Nick Doof, Celli (Earthling) and Xavier Fux (looks good on paper!!!)
This sounds like summer music to me. Lots of nice cheeky floaty melodies, nice percusion, kicking groovy basslines and overall tight production. Well placed sounds to tickle the mind and make it giggle.

Ive witnessed some of these tracks really hitting the spot on the dancefloor over the last month and im sure they will carry on doing so over the summer.

Im thinking it would have been perfect in samothraki in the late afternoon, everyones had too much acid, the sun is shining, everyones groovin hard but looking slightly confused with massive grins on their faces!....aaaaahhhhhhhhh!


(i have a feeling you all know what im on about!)

Roll on the rest of the summer...!

Sat at work listening to it now (lucky to work at college, all the students are off on summer hols leaving me a few PC's to sort out and an empty office, so I can play some psy... coolio), it's deep groovy stuff m8!! Really good quality, deep blines, lush tight perc, some housey chords and some interesting riffs that develop well and grow rather than just repeat, nice subtle sounds playing off each other, not to fast but not to slow!! Good Stuff! Like you said proper percussive hypnotic Summer Music of the highest quality.... :sun: :shrooms:

Take that as a big thumbs up.. Thanks Dragonfly!
Got this coming tomorrow hopefully along with the new Utopia, Ultravoice and Point CD's.

Can't wait :partysmi:

2 new Agitato releases next week as well, things are looking up :sun: :jump:
well i can testify to this album as ive been playing at least 2 or 3 tracks from it in the last few months, and its really out there. Vatos have always been hitting the right note's for me, really funky, groovy, extremely spaced out psy trance, always pushing the boundaries, by using influences from all styles of dance music ,but remaining extremely psychedelic ... if you looking for something different with musical content, then look no further .... go out and it, you wont regret

ps. if you like this one then try to get a copy of Vato Loco's - Welcome to Da Barrio , it was the first album released on Sony, but didnt really get around very much....... its been my favourite listening album for the last 2 years :Wink3:
indeed, much better than this, but this is still the tops!

Welcome to...has the rather excellent polarizer on it, and thats what swayed my vote. Attack and release is a fine example of well produced, and above all, thought about trance music. It was wicked on the train as the sun went down over the surrey hills last night...thats how i road test all my tunes...if i can get onto public transport and not hear "the voices " telling me bad things, then it's good.

unfortunately the last time i got onto public transport, i was listening to psytekk.....a whole train full of people suffered that night....
This album is an absolute stormer! Hits all the right notes for me, from fluffy to bouncy to floaty to meaty psyness... from sanity to unsanity and back round again... what a journey!

Dont miss the Vatos afternoon at Omni - very loco. Celli, nick, and Xavi will also present their chill project 3rd ear in the ambient zone...lookin good!

Cheers Vatos! :jump:
this is our first response to the album so thanks ! i we all think it hits the spot here at Dragonfl HQ and have been grooving away for months. all you positive comments are very welcome! more vatos in the coming months on dragonfly too... with nick doof and celli with their new LSD project called "third ear audiO"
more vatos in the coming months on dragonfly too... with nick doof and celli with their new LSD project called "third ear audiO"[/quote said:
Ahh yeah! As the Vatos album sounds fuckin brilliant to me and all my inner beings, i can't wait for the LSD release to come out... Thanx and keep up the good work fellas...

Shroom on and drift away my friend, the Vatos will get you there in the end...
I love this album, proper summer psy lovliness :Grin:

Fave track is number 7 :punk:
Bit late - but just got the CD on Mon & been playing it loads - really nice morning/summer type tunes - always been a Nick Doof fan & him and his mates have come up trumps again - shame I wont be seeing them this summer - would have been great to hear them after sunrise at Boom.. ( a trollied Nick Doof was the highlight of Boom2000 for me) ah well, never mind...

I think I'm reviewing it for next Upfront - so I'm sure it'll get a good review!

definately heard quite a sprinkling of vatos at omni and boom!

mmm.... niiiice!
Got me a copy of this right after Omni, realy good tunes. Track 2 is the one thats doing it for me at the moment, though they all have something going on.

It was a real pleasure working with them at Omni, even if Nick Doof did think I was Ott! :hehe: