VIBE TRIBE - Wise Cracks (2006)


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I don't think i've ever poured more compliments and superlatives onto an album like i did with the first Vibe Tribe one. For me it was a floorless example of what good melodic electronic music can sound like. In fact i rated it so high that if i had to pick a top five favourite albums of all time (and not just electronic ones) then chances are it would be there. Over the past few decades there have been few albums that have really knocked my socks off on a single listen but Melodrama was definitely one of them and because of this i was expecting big things from the follow-up - seriously big things!

Well, i've finally got around to hearing it (or at least a promo) and i have to say my socks are still well and truly on.

That's not to say it isn't good... because it is - and not to say i don't like it... because I do... it just somehow doesn't reach the same heights as the first offering.

All the Vibe Tribe signature sounds are there... and the trademark melodies - yet this time around they don't seem as fresh or strong. They just didn’t have the same uplifting and euphoric effect on me as the last bunch did. To be completely honest i even found a few of the tracks (like 'Carousel') slightly bland - something i couldn't say about a single track on Melodrama.

If this album was by most other artists i would be quite pleased with it but because it's Vibe Tribe i was expecting more. Guess that is bound to happen when you set your expectations so high.

Anyway, what we have here is a good, solid melodic full-on album that would sit quite happily with many other good morning albums... it even has a very nice piano track on it ('Dream Catcher') which harks back to the old Dreamhouse days of the 90s... but as with the Protoculture album, and for the second time in as many weeks, that elusive cigar stays firmly in the box.

All that said, i would still recommend it... just don't expect another morning masterpiece.