Following the success of their 2004 debut, Melodrama - Vibe Tribe returns with an upcoming full length album titled Wise Cracks, the sonic result of a highly productive year of hard work and growth.

Wise Cracks, a highly anticipated Utopia release, is slated to take the renowned duo to a higher level of fresh sound that blows out through state of the art production.

Straightforwardly less 'Melodramatic', Vibe Tribe's second album is nevertheless as melodic and inventive as ever. While it's sure to please their established fanbase, this Utopia Records classic will appeal to an even wider audience of music fans around the world.

Wise Cracks includes nine brilliant brand new tracks and a bonus track:
X-Noize's The Sperminator (Vibe Tribe Remix).

After circling the world in concerts and most major festivals, counting Full Moon Fest 2005, sporting their previous album, Wise Cracks will uncover a host of fresh ideas that address a much wider and varied audience.

Vibe Tribe- Wise Cracks
Track List:

1. Wise Cracks - 142
2. Dream Catcher - 143
3. Carousel - 146
4. Three Quarters - 145
5. LFObia - 145
6. The Brain.B.Q - 146
7. Bad Habbits - 145
8. Pulse - 140
9. Memories - 145

*Bonus track*:
X-Noize-The Sperminator (Vibe Tribe Rmx)-144

Cat. No.: UTPCD-15
Release Day: 27 April 2006
Cd Cover:

Enjoy !!
Really looking forward to this one! Hope they don't fuck it up! :iwink:


Cake Or Death
listen beofre you buy is all i can say, seriously!!!

i dont wanna be cruel but...............mmmmfffffmmmmmhhhhhh.........its not that great

*feels diplomatic*

edit: taken from msn converstion

heva says: listen to track 9
heva says: the lasers almost appear in my room
heva says: i cant help but reach my hands into the air

nuff said....reach for them ppls!!!!


Cake Or Death
later on the in same conversation:

biggins says: :p

heva says: hahahahahaa
biggins says: :p
heva says: oh god
heva says: hehehe
biggins says: it had to be done.....ahahahaha\
biggins says: its making my skin crawl
biggins says: waaaaaa
heva says: its so bad
biggins says: nooooooo....................................
heva says: who the fuck are vibetribe anyway

*gets coat*