Vintage Synths and samplers for sale...


Lunar SeeD
i am inviting (serious) offers on any/all of the following classic synths/samplers :

2 x Sequential Circuits Pro-One analogue monosynths, circa 1978.
(one of them is missing the wooden ends)

1 x Sequential Circuits Six-Trak multi-timbral analogue polysynth, circa 1978.

1 x Sequential Circuits Prophet 2002 rack-mount sampler (Rare.)
you can find details of this on:

1 x Casio FZ1 keyboard Sampler/Synth with RAM expansion (+flightcase)
you can find details of this on:

1 x Boss DR-660 drum machine.

1 x Novation Bass-Station

i don't really want to part with any of these lovely devices, but we are moving, and won't have enough room...


bumbalumba cruiser
any price on the pro-one's ? dunno what they are worth?


Lunar SeeD
As i said, open to offers, but a mint pro-1 should go for about £500.

These have been pretty well used, and show signs of wear, but still work OK.
i would think that between £500 - £600 for the pair would be fair.
i'll also throw in a Kenton MIDI to CV converter.


Lunar SeeD
sorry, yes, you are right, it was 1984, thinking about it.
I have th same problem, as Mick Jagger, who when he wanted to write his memoirs, found he couldn't remember anything about the sixites. for me anything between about 1974 and 1984 is a complete jumble! :Wink3:

It is an early model, but has the Vine County upgraded ROM in it.
Yes, it can make some awesome sounds, especially in stack mode.