vintage vynil for sale

Oberon Jan 24, 2004

  1. Oberon

    Oberon Guest

    Here is the complete list of psy-vynil up for grabs i am looking for around £1.50- £2 per 12", and around £5 per album......... i am happy to sell all items separately, but if anyone would like to take them all at once, i will offer a significant discount...... Cheers Oberon (WL) = White Label

    12” Singles
    Accidental Occidentalism- Breach Of Space- Symbiosis
    Akasha- Beings From Another World- Phantasm
    Aminate FX- Alfalfa- Phantasm
    Asia 2001- Angel Ice- Koyote Recs
    Athena- Humane Vox- Matsuri
    Beach Buddha- Kicking In -Aquarius
    Captain Black- After The Storm- Meridian Recs
    Captain Black – Dark Universe- Meridian
    Cosmosis- Howling At The Moon- Transient (WL)
    Dan Shay- The Warning- Red Weed
    Dedrah Title Unknown – Celtic Recs Celt 006 (WL)
    Digitalis- Satori -Roost Records (WL)
    Digital Sun – Into The Sun- Polytox
    Dimension 5 -Blue Pyramid- Interstella
    Disco Volante – Chameleon Transient (WL)
    Encens- Psychedelic Sun –Symbiosis
    Etnica- Starship 101- Blue Room
    Faia- XY- Cross Recs
    Gigglatron- Spacehopper –Paradigm
    Hallucinogen – Spiked - RTTS
    Hypnosys- Joker- Transient (WL)
    Joking Sphinx- Nysos- POF Records
    J. Van Garling- Christine –POF
    L’age- Synthetique- Cybertronic
    Liquid Laugh- Auf - Indica
    Lords Of Chaos- Electric Mistress – Transient (WL)
    Masa- Super G- TTT Recs
    MFG- Overload- Transient (WL)
    MJ –12 - Project Luna – Lunacy Recs
    Moon and Sun – Apatia- Superstition
    Moonweed- Aardvark- Celtic 010 (WL)
    Nemesis- Snake Dance – Transient (WL)
    Nervasystem- Liquid Lifeform- Psychic Deli
    OOOD- Silence- Phantasm
    Organised Chaos- Flashing Lights- Dendrite
    Organised Chaos- Treading Quiksand- Dendrite
    Placebo Effect- Eco Breeder- Meridian
    Powersource – Tinkerbell – Transient (WL)
    Promesa- Nimewaye - Transient (WL)
    Quatermass – Ancient Skies- Phantasm
    Radiation- On The Machine- Swarm Recs.
    Radiotrance- The Russian EP – Transient (WL)
    Rainbow Spirit- Aquarian Spirit Polytox
    Shakta + Moonweed- Title Unknown -Celtic 009 (WL)
    Slinky Wizard EP- The Wizard- Flying Rhino
    Sunkings- Starbuck – Juno Reactor mix -Blue Room
    Syb Unity Network- Triperspaced- Transient (WL)
    The Ladder- Redweed- Red Weed
    Trust In Trance EP Symbiosis Recs (WL)
    Tyoussi- Shofou- Javelin Recs
    Ylem- Other Worlds- Tonkin’
    Zen Arcade- Elastic Age – Aquatec Recs

    Special Interest 12” Singles
    TIP- Freedom From The Flesh- White Label- sleeve signed by Raja Ram !!
    TIP- The Law- White Label

    Vynil Albums
    Concept In dance- Digital Alchemy- CID
    Pleidians- IFO- Dragonfly
    Sun Kings- Soul Sleeping- Blue Room
    Various Artists- Signs Of Life – Blue Room
    Johann- Blow Your Mind- Blue Room
    Variuos Artists- Transient 3
  2. Oberon

    Oberon Guest

    STOP PRESS !!! I've sold the lot, due to sending out some e-mails to other dj's etc !! Best Wishes Oberon
  3. greatruaha

    greatruaha Forum Member

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    Was that a publicity stunt or what?? :speaker: :speaker: :speaker:
  4. JohnM

    JohnM blah blah blah

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    Sunny Sheffield
    No - two mates bought the lot.
  5. tom anteater

    tom anteater Member

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    bugger.. i woulda like the slinky wizard ep!
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