Visual Paradox



This is one of those CD's that when it arrived sounded totally different from what I remember the samples sounding like. As a result I put it to one side and listened to my other purchases. I thought it was a full-on banger but it's really quite progressive.

Having listened to it again as a progressive release it is rather good. It's probably best described as proggy psy as it's got a few tweaks that your average progressive CD dosen't have.

Stand out track for me at the moment is Thunder (Track 7) a track with wonderful melodies that invokes images of sunlight glistening on the ocean on a hot sunny day in paradise. :drinking:
Once more I find myself in agreement with Lam. :Smile3:

This really is a very good solid album, with a lot to recommend it. The production is excellent, and it keeps your interest throughout - which sadly is a lot more than a lot of albums do these days.

(Digressing but e.g. the new Space Tribe album - Time Stretch. I've come to expect good things from Ollie over the years, but this one doesn't do it for me - apart from Track 7.)

Personally, I wouldn't describe it as "progressive" - but what's in a name? For me it's got far too many things going on - with melodies.

It's on Com.pact, and to my mind is their best release that I've heard to date. Well worth buying. :Smile3:

Best track - I agree - Track 7, Thunder.


Hmmmmm not sure bout this one yet! Not really much there that tickles me pickle (All you can beat(4) and Thunder(7) the exceptions) Have to agree with Barclay that the production is very good obviously lending itself to more of a crisp morning number. I was like Lam I think, expecting it to be a bit more full on, so think I need to come back to it with a fresh set of ears.
I checked the samples, on this and definetely thought it sounded solid, but wasn't totally pulled in. I agree wiv ya it kinda sounded full and phat but not really full on... if that makes any sense! have to listen to them samples again!