I have very quick question and silly probably :lol1:
problem is
when i was on the party in project 142 31.1.
guy been using some kind of prog for visualization
anyone know what is the name of this program
and maybe place where i can buy it
thx very much
There are vast numbers of VJ programs around, and the number grows daily. Try going to Audiovisualizers where they have a good compendium of all the VJ software which is currently available and in most cases, reviews of the software. Good luck! :Grin:
thanks very much
I just started learning
we will see
what next
Persnoaly I would recomend starting with something simple.

We started with VJamm, Coldcuts very own VJ software and then moved on to Resolume. Its a logical progression because VJamm is all about the clips as it had no effects or multiple layers in the first version. It might not be the spacey, trippy effects that your after but it does mean that you have to make good quality clips from the start rather than rely on effects for veriety. It also means that you really experiment and get personal with your vision mixer as after an 8 hour gig your always trying to make things look fresh and thats when the fun stuff really starts.

Once your used to making the standard of content you want, moving onto a software mixer as well is a real change of gear.

Enjoy :lmao: :wacko: :lmao:
:byebye: yo yo... resolume 1.51 is worth a look mate! :Wink3:
getting into it the kaos button is a good fail safe! measure, :lol1: