Voice of Cod on Sony PSP ~ USA tour ~ and more...


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What a response the guys have had with the PSPs man..... Check this out!!

www.wipeoutpure.com Their info has been translated into 15 languages ;-)

There have also been 4500 downloads of the VoC music pack...and counting... putting them in 28th place for downloads on the psp in 2006, above various game downloads and all sorts :Smile3:

GOOD JOB GUYS !! Good to see a foot from the UK trance scene being well firmly placed into ppls homes through their gaming systems.... no need to play games with shit music ;-)




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got wipeout on me psp and these choons rock!!!


Perhaps the Voice of Cod tracks being used have something to do with a new marketing style sony are going for... this is one of the new games out on the sony psp...... no photoshopping involved.....