Void - Punishment


No Social Conscience
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Brighton (where else?)
Hard rolling trance is the name of the game here. Sounds a bit like some of Skazi's earlier stuff with the same tough feel with plenty of breaks to please the dance floor. Although I love the darker side of psy there's nothing wrong with a bit of hard trance style stomping stuff every now and again.

Not an album for psy trance purists this one was designed to put a big fat grin on the dancefloor while gettin them out the chill out and on the dance floor. The influences for this album seem to be Skazi, Infected Mushroom and GMS though thats not to say Void hasnt developed a nice unique sound for himself. Cheesy in places but banging throughout, its definetly one to check out :Smile3:

1. Punishment - The album starts on a pretty tough note with the title track, punchy kicks and some nice melodies make me think this one would work pretty well on a dance floor. In places I found it reminding me a bit of Infected Mushrooms "The Gathering" album with nice spacey riffs and nicely layered sounds.

2. The Master Blaster - Now this track has Skazi written all over it. Twisted bouncy synth lines and a break down which could cause serious damage if used at the right time in a set. Banging!

3. Machine - You might love this tune but then again you may hate it. Cheesy and full on with a wicked guiter riff and an Arni Sample "You are terminated!" this track will put a grin on your face however hard you try to do your best goa purist frown. The progression on this is quite nice, building up slowly getting harder then chilling out again before hitting you with another break down which would put GMS to shame.

4. In My Dreams - Things start deep hypnotic and phat, it bounces along in a satifying way till we get a break down and some pretty squeltchy dark melodies come in along with what sounds bit like a Trent Reznor sample. Nice.

5. Hysterical - Uplifting and acidic this tune has got me bouncing in my seat, and similtainiously cheesy and infectous loop of a guy sayin"I dont wanna be hysterical" gets me lovin and hating it at the same time. Gimme a few beans and there would be no doubt this was a great tune.

6. Energise - Nice and chunky this tune bounces along in satisfying way with some twisty melodies and a beat which will keep you routed to the dance floor.

7. Hot Stuff - More proggy than the rest of the tracks but still very dancy Hot Stuff gives you a bit of a breather. It rolls along nicely rolling and shifting pleasently enough. Featuring incredably funky break down which wouldnt sound so out of place on BP empire and constantly building up and up this is a good tune though aint the best on the album by a long way.

8. True Love - NOOOOOOO!!!! This track has taken the crown of cheesiest most popy psy trance from Lo Rah Hey. You thought "bad bad boy, i'll play with your toys" was shit, well Void seemed to have in even worse psychotic break. In some coked up fit of insanity he stole a sample from a Euro Trance producer mate of his bunged it in his album. Boy he must have been off his head to think "yeah i reckon 'This is the truuuuuu luuuuve we're maaaaking' fit nicely in here they'l love this". Well if you liked the Zoo 3 compilation and have an unhealthy interest in pop then you might like it. This one will have you leaping from your couch and hitting the next button like youre life depended in it.

9. - Deep and trancy this tune plods along nicely but still doesnt remove the horrible emotional scars "True Love" imbeded in your subconscious.

10. Dance Electric - With more than a nod in Infected Mushrooms direction this track drops the BPM's. Soothing melodies and a nice electro groove make this an excellent end to a damn fine album.
That True love sample in track 8 sounds like it's come from Dance Ejay Eauch :crazy:

Nice album, but nothing really stands out on first listening, but it is only Sunday morning.

Although I think mr.cism would love Track 10 - Dance Electric.