Vw camper van Lt28


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Really good condition although no tax 1977
I year Mot 2 double beds, kitchen shower and toilet
2 x 12 volt batteries, :jump: body work really good condition
good runner starts first time
for sale = £900 contact emz :Sad:greaves42@hotmail.com)[/b]
Hey Emz

Have you sold this yet?

tortoise xxx
Ehi I want to see it.....where do u live??? shall i come to see it in the week end..or on monday...

please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :? :tongue1:
no i have not sold it i am based in surey nearish to guildford, sure if you want to come see it though this is the week of finishing of course work, so mabye in a few more days, plus i am actually living in it also though soon to find some where new to rome. thanks for your interest mabye give us your number or something and we can arrange to view the van some day. take care emz x I will be sad to see it go...
hi emz...!!!
I would like to not post my number here on the web, but i can giev u my email and when u are ready for meet you can give me a shout.....
Are u coming to te glade festival??? maybe we should meet there...
my email is : iosonomati@hotmail.com..so let me know when you are free and I will come to guilford ( that I actually don t know where it is!!??)...
anyway take it easy. I can wait a bit..but me and my friend are very excited about teh idea...so....

Have a nice week end...xx :Wink3:
Yeah I think a general viewing at the Glade is a good idea!!