Waldorf Micro Q Rack


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Hi there,

Im selling a Waldorf Micro Q Rack www.waldorf-music.com/ with manual. This synth is really nice for basslines, its fat!
with FM capabilities and a massive modulation matrix allowing for limitless sonic possibilities.
Basically you can get some fukin weird sounds out of it.
With latest OS including Reverb, Delay, Chorus, Flanger......
multiple seperate outputs, 16 part Multi Timbral, 32 note polyphony......endless rotary knobs!!!........
and its comes suited in a snazzy yellow design. mmm mm.
previously owned by Error Corrective!!!
for a damn good 16 part synth with loads of FX i think,


is a pretty good deal. Well, thats how much they are going for on SOS readers ads.
were selling simply cause we use a Virus C now.

Also if any one is seriously interested i have an Akai S2000 sampler going for £100 o.n.o. and comes with 8 output expansion board.

call 07709037807. or give us PM.