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Well I followed the links, and boy I wish I could remember the path I took to get here 'cuz I'm lost, but everyone here looks pretty chill... I come from another psy-forum, and am known as The Emptiest Space

I hail from the biggest city in Canada, am 22 years old, and am one seXXXY-lookin' motherfucker (can I say that here?)

Love to party, and am into a huge helping of rock/metal/punk/alt as well as industrial/EBM, and of course, Psy/Goa as well as the harder D'N'B & techno (minimal)/IDM.

Fave psy-artists: X-Dream, Infected, Juno, KoxBox, Dark Soho, Xenomorph, and oh um some Spirallianz as well (I tend to like the really psychadelic, dark-as-hell stuff)
Not really into the full-on buzzy shite (Alien Project, Astral Projection, GMS, etc.)

My perfect psy music would be warping, coagulating sytnth-lines with some minimal but hard techno-beats on top of le trance beat plus some dark ambient noise... swooooooosh