Wanna see a synth eat all the CPU bandwidth?


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hahaha... :Grin:

Luckily i have my Virus Ti for that sorta thang (though i would by no means say no to a MiniMoog hehe)


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I usually reach for the Nord Lead 3 when I want big unison.

Can't see me using the MiniMonsta unison much since it maxes out my CPU (which is no slouch normally) at 1/4 of its unison potential!

The really useful feature of MiniMonsta over the real thing though (I have a Voyager for the 'real thing' :Wink3:) is polyphony.

Minimonsta really falls down (along with other soft synths / VAs) when it comes to extreme resonance on (for example) self-oscillating filters. Unless someone specifically tries to model that kind of thing, I think we're going to get aliasing for some time to come.

That's where the real thing is still irreplaceable.