Want radio airplay? (Signed/Unsigned/Labels...anyone?)

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I'm touching myself as I write this post.
As some of you know I have a bunch of internet radio projects going on so I thought I'd see if anyone wanted some exposure on my shows.

My main base is Denmarks RiseFM where I have a weekly mix show. Once each show has aired there it then circulates around a number of other stations (with more coming on board all the time) - currently each show is heard by around 300-500 people by the time it has done the rounds (increasing all the time) and the main stations also include setlists on their sites once the mix has aired (helps to jog the listeners memories :Wink3: ).

So if anyone has any tracks that they want airing PM me - doesn't matter if it's released, unreleased, signed or unsigned so long as the tunes are good they'll make it into my playlists.
Ah, fair play mate, didnt realise it was an all-psytrance affair :Smile3:

Welcome to play any of the soliptic tracks here , fwiw, but even i dont rate them anymore :hehe:

I did a show for an Ozzy webradio (from London) the problem was it was on Sunday afternoons - and by the time i arrived, i had mostly always been oout sat night and in the end had to give up out of exhaustion - good luck with yours'

help yourself to anything you find at


(site unfinished - some loops not working but all tracks are downloadable)

all feedback most welcome - all tracks unsigned