Wanted: A place in the countryside...


Viking Lass
I have lived in Bristol the last 6 years and would like to stay near there. But I just cant live in the city anymore!
Does anybody have... or know of someone that does, a flat or a spare room to rent somewhere within 45 minutes drive from Bristol?
Ideally only sharing with one or two others. Age, hobbies, oddities etc. really doesnt matter, as long as nobody minds me playing loud music :Smile3:
If I have to be a bit picky, I'd prefer somewhere in Somerset or Wiltshire, but I'm really not fussed!
Any suggestions?


yellow magnetic fab human
Hey m8 today I've received a call for a job offer, it is in Somerset so I will be looking for a place where to live for the following months. I will let you know if they are interested and if I'm moving somewhere around there. Please let me know if you need a flatmate. I wouldnt mind loud musik :badger:


Viking Lass
Oh no worries man! cheers for keeping me updated :ibiggrin:
Have found somewhere by the Cotswolds to live for a while...