Warning - Beer and CDJs!!


Okay, so it finally happened. SOmeone spilled beer on my CDJ 1000s, and cleaned it up immediately (ahem, I wasn't even there!). The deck continued to work, but within 24 hours the jog wheel had frozen. I called my local Pioneer servicing place and they say the beer will have casued the brass plates that the jog wheel run on to erode, and further damage will be done in time he reckons, as the moisture seeps down on to the boards. SO even though the cd player actually works fine, he says that'll in a couple of months all sorts of things will start going wrong. Its a very common problem (suprise suprise!), he gets a few cases of it per week, and he said that its a real shame that it happened with beer, the brass wouldn't erode if it had been tea/juice. And so he's gonna have a look at it, but warned me that 95% of the time its a write off, replacing all the parts it the only way and that's not 'nomically viable.

One half of me is pissed off, one other half is sad, and my third half is dubious about whether or not to believe this shit!

What d'ya reckon? One of you guys must have spilled a beer on some 'quipment before!

Fushion Julz

Sound Bod
1. Pioneer parts are expensive (very)
2. Pioneer service agents are expensive (very) and slow (extremely)
3. He might be telling the truth, though...Beer is sticky, sweet and wet....
4. Take it to an independent service agent who is willing to touch Pioneer (my recommendation is Steve Hills, Trusound.... 07788 597445...based in Alton, Hants)
5. Longer you leave it, less likely a successful fix will be


The Sound Faery
Carbonic acid (fizzy water) and phosphoric acid both dissolve brass, hence fizzy drinks and beer do indeed #### up delicate electrical stuff.
Feeling brave? Your best option is to (very carefully) strip it down and clean it! Believe it or not, most electrical parts can be cleaned with distilled water and a lot of patience. Even the circuit boards! be carefull of the motors/drive and display components, but the jogwheel and all the switches, sliders can be cleaned this way. Some crud may require a little extra help from an electrical switch cleaner spray, but mostly, distilled water will do the job (tap water will leave a residue (yuck!)
the lubrication will need sorting out afterwards, sprays from Maplin or RS Components will fix that.



Rorymonster said:
Okay, so it finally happened. SOmeone spilled beer on my CDJ 1000s

noooooooooooooooooooo! :Sad:

it always amazes me that equipment that is highly attracted to ''beer filled parties'' isnt designed to be water / splash resistant incase the inevitable does happen

how many decks have died this death, bit of a design fault....


a friends laptop was never the same after beer got on it at a party, even now certain buttons when pressed do seemingly random things. electricals and alcohol is not a choice mixture. mashed people forget how much that shit really is worth sometimes and complacently tap ash or something equally stupid on it



Rorymonster said:
Cheers guys.
I'm very despondent about opening the thing up myself though...
If you ask Truesound and get the same answer as Pioneer then maybe Plank's suggestion will be the only answer. Hell if they say that replacing the parts will not be economical then you may become the expert on CDJ1000s on the forum.

Hope you had some kind of insurance.

I'll take this occasion to plug my brother-in-law's answer


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