WARNING: James K CD - do not buy it.


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At last I have managed to login to psy-forum's! I posted this on isratrance sometime ago, and was advised to post it here to.
Severe warning:

I bought this CD at the Chichime party, only to find that it is bad pirated CD. It was on sale in the Chill area, at what I thought looked like a legitimate place of sale. the tracks do not relate to the actual tracks on the CD. For example the first one is listed as Scientific Reality by Astrix and Atomic Pulse. It is actually a track by Bamboo forest. The quality is even bad (+/- 128 kpbs). This type of thing not only harms the artists themselves but also gives any newbies a bad impression about trance.
I bought two other legitimate CDs at the party which were excellent. I like to buy CDs to try and support the scene, 'cause I know so many who simply download and copy. But RESPECT man - please!

So if any party organizers see this please politely ask the seller to refrain, and any who read this to not buy the CD when seen on sale.

One of the answers suggested what to expect from James K, but who knows all the compilations and DJs out there?