Water Damage

Woke up today to find my desk complete with a standing pool of water on it. My beloved Mackie is soaked... tipping it over led to water pouring out from its corners. It smells funny inside even though I haven't turned it on yet. Doesn't look too promising.

Is anyone familiar with what to do in this situation? I'd just assume letting it sit for a day or two and see if it could possibly work once the water has evaporated? Or am I doomed to have to buy a new one?


It might well be ok if the water was clean... Get as much water out as you can and leave it for at least a week without turning it on. If you can open it up it'll dry quicker, and you can also check there is no residue on the PCBs, and give the inside a going over with a stiff brush.

Only when you are ABSOLUTELY SURE there is no water inside, and the PCBs are bone dry, and there is no trace of liquid inside, and the mixer is totally dessicated (I think you get the point)... wait another few days. You can then try turning it on but disconnect all other electrical equipment from the mains first - you can't be too careful - and be prepared for the smell of burning fibreglass and insulation. Before you turn it on move each fader and pot along the full extent of its travel, and press and release each switch to make sure there are no short circuits inside them.

Like I said though, provided it dries out completely, there's a good chance it'll work fine. Mackies tend to be built like tanks, after all (...but not water tanks, I think!)

Hope this helps.
Thanks a bunch, I was (foolishly) going to only wait a day or two, guess that would of been a bad idea.

Now for my next question, anyone know of any cures for production addiction when your key piece of hardware is out of it for a week? I'd surely hate to have to go out into the real world and entertain myself.


I was being perhaps over-cautious, but when dealing with electrical equipment that's maybe not a bad thing!

As for the production addiction, I find the best way of dealing with it is a broadband internet connection. Guaranteed to make 6 hours feel like 1.


ouch, that must have hurt.

i'm sure its going to sound even better once it dries :Grin:
It is back and working. God bless that company, I swear I'll never buy another mixer that isn't a Mackie.

I've spend the past 2 days in some form of delerium from not being able to produce. I didn't realize how necessary it is for my sanity to get in there and be creative.


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u r one lucky bunny - how'd it happen anyway?



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Lucky or unlucky?

(its voidcomm in disguise here - i tried to pull a fast one by switching names to psyAntics...)

...full on - who needs a leak?

i cant work out if u have been lucky or unlucky with this episode

what are u saying?



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Last week I took my phone to the bottom of the river wye ( they did say to canoe DOWNstream), but after a week of drying it is working fine :jump: (and cleaner than ever).
The moral of the story being that electronics and water do not necessarily mean a short circuited death (although the camera which was accompanying the phone has shown no signs of life since :sad: )