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A new morning compilation with:

1. Dino Vs. Dado / Highlights
2. The Antidote / Meccanoids
3. Dado Vs. Bamboo Forest / Le Chat De L'Espace
4. GMS / Look Out
5. Mindelight / Scratch Delight
6. Green Light Vs. The Antidote / Full Moon
7. GMS Vs The Antidote / Highnoon
8. Deedrah / Cycles Of Life 2003

Label: MP Records: www.mprecords.net

The bamboo dado is a perfect morning track.somebody listen it?
the GMS: so full-on
deedrah: so magic!!the master too..

Had a listen to the samples...though I love morning trance, this isn't my proverbial cuppa. Some of the tunes sounded a bit too raw, not enough happiness in there...or something, been a few days and one party since I listened to them :Wink3:
Got this compilation it rocks big time.

Totally agree with you about "Dado Vs. Bamboo Forest / Le Chat De L'Espace " the perfect track in many ways an awesome collaboration more than the sum of its parts.

Also really like Dino Vs. Dado / Highlights, for those slower moments. and GMS Vs The Antidote / Highnoon for the more full power tweaky bits.

I don't really think "morning trance" is the best description of the compilation but I like the tunes loads.... buy it!
this compilation is a lot of positiv things but it is not dark....
Love this CD, it has two of my favourite tracks of the year.

Mindelight / Scratch Delight is a breath of fresh air and quite different to anything else around with its nice use of samples and scratching, very funky.

And the incredibly wonderful Deedrah / Cycles Of Life 2003 which has to be one of the fluffiest, uplifting tunes ever just makes me break out in goose pimples and come over all emotional it's that good. :partysmi:
i'm always listening the compilation,and specialy the Deedrah track, the third day foundation track and diiiiinoooo Psaras too!!!i spoke last week with a guy of MP Records in a party in France(Talamasca party with deedrah and talamasca live,it was so great...)and he confirmed that MP Records prepare a second edition of waves from ibiza with remixes of the first edition and a mix of one of the best psy trance dj..2 cds WHAOOH!!!! so cool
like a big party in france for the 17 april 2004. for the promotion of the second edition.

bye and happy new year for everyone!!!!!!!!!!! :wow:
ooh looking forward to Volume 2.
Volume 1 is brilliant best CD I got for a month or two..
Apart from maybe Solstice World Holographic Memory 2.
the second edition of "waves from ibiza" is comin......05 may 2004
2 cds:
1 mixed by Dino Psaras
1 with new tracks and remixies of the first edition
the antidote:"meccanoids" rmx by Dino
GMS vs antidote "highnoon" rmx by deedrah
kox box......and more and more

you can check the web site for more informations

bye :partysmi:
Ooooh....Deedrahs "Cycles of Life 2003" was my fav track on the 1st album! Cant wait for this one! :Smile3:
A very decent compilation full and quality and commitment.

I was just about to give up on buying any CD's ever again. Thanks Pan for the suggestion.