waves from ibiza 2 various

this cd is bloody amazing, *AAAAAAAGH*
proper slick creative genuine musicianship music
...and the kind of tunes that each tell a little story

so welcome after returning to an exceedingly cloudy england :?
it's the style you'd expect from the track listing, but far better than WFI 1, however it's not gms-sy/gmessy style wham gmessy bang in the bassline remixes,
rather you can really tell that much time effort and thought have gone into these tracks, theres intricacy style & care

1 koxbox/synthetic
2 meccanoids (antidote) dino remix
3 le chat de l'espace (dado/bamboo) remixed by tristan and dimitri
4 dino - raukus
5 highnoon (antidote) remixed by deedrah
6 look out (gms) remixed by bamboo
7 psycraft - on the road (xxxx - this one is not good - sneaked in by accident?)
8 full moon (green light/antidote) remixed by bamboo
9 cycles of life 2003 (dado) remixed by gms

1,2,3,5,9 are amazzzing gush gush gush oh no there's a flood

4 is wicked, did have a bit in the middle i dont really like before returning to original baseline, but am sure most will like tho

6&8 i'll remember more clearly later (was now 10am post wicked a.monkey party and brain meltdown had begun) but intricate and fresh for bamboo i think

7 xx nur

bear in mind whenever i write about cd's after one (wrecked) listen i change my mind after so this is the first impressions!

also f :wub: got the new youth cd, v nice, couldnt have made my sunday morning better

AND look out for the new label *PUKKA MUSIC* first release a compilation due in october - to be very special
anybody who heard vlado on saturday night will know what i mean :Wink3:
Oooh la-la :o

Nice, nice georgie. Saw this the other week and have heard the tasty samples. Great lineup of artists hey but need to hear the whole cd.

big up, big up :partysmi:


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Still getting my head round this but here is my first impression:

1/ Synthetic Koxbox, Loadsa Atmosphere and Thought, deep and in the koxbox stylee of druggy\proggy thumper, lots of fun interesting tweaks and random sound fx, help to build a story, really good tune.

2/ Antidote Dino P Rmx, uses the noises from the original well, good solid track, didn't blow my mind, just phat and solid. Good work from Dino P.

3/ Deedrah\Bamboo Tristan\Dimitri Rmx, the original is amazing... nuff said, this is also v.good, deep builder, good drums (a la tristan) you can spot the track from the bassline but doesn't give to much away, makes you wait for the euphoric riff bussiness, good quality remix, well worked. definetly not a thrill a minute, more of a solid groover than full on chaos.... (I still prefer the original)

4/ Dino Psaras, Another good track, going for some proper 303 action, lots of builds and drops, have to agree canyouhearthegoblins, totally lost me in the middle with a kind of repeated\quantized noise that bores you for a bit b4 getting back on it again. Wicked dark voice samples. Love the crazy 303 build tweaks, but not the middle section, almost deserved a play out but not quite.

5/ GMS Antidote Deedrah Rmx, Absolute Blinder Rmx, using all the best elements from the original with that lush riff (that made Highnoon the standout track on WFI 1 for me) and loads of fun squeaks and tweaks, the same b-line but somehow different, brill arangement to fit all the bits in and drop at the right points... Top work from Dado "The Man" good Remixing abilities.

6/ GMS Bamboo Forest Rmx, Weird to hear GMS Riffage on Bamboo's funky backbone, kinda worked it's a groovy track but doesn't grab me that much, as a remix it don't really add to the original or anything.

7/ Psycraft, I liked this track thought it was well coolio, quite similar to New Move from there album, with some quality riff splintering kinda giving lush delayed shimmer to the riff, oh I can't explain it but it's a great piece of production trickery!! slick shit.

8/ Antidote Greenlight Bamboo Rmx, probably the most difficult track to remix, as no major standout elements, a good job done by bamboo suits there style more than trying to encapsulate the GMS sound, an old skool stylee funky builder, adding some slightly goa ish riffs, sometimes adding one to many riffs and got a bit confusing. but still great funky psy tune.

9/ Deedrah GMS Remix, didn't get to carried away on this one (thank god) kept it fairly simple for them, Phat kick and bass, and just letting the old skool euphoric riff courtesy of Transwave do the talking, still adding there powerfull touches breaks and slams, but not taking over, good work boyz...

Quality CD 2 compliment the first one, maybe could have had a few more original tracks as some of these haven't really benifited from a remix that much, but still plenty to keep me happy. :Wink3: Thanks MP Recs!! :Wink3:


yeh i was pretty impressed with the sound of this cd when i heard it.....good stuff :Smile3: funny tho.....the title would normally instantly put me off, as they say....never judge a book by its cover :Wink3:


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I know what y'mean Geoff - gotta get yer head around it before you can state your thoughts...

How come the tracklist/credits are soo messed up on the CD insert?

Anyways - The Kox-Box-Synthetic track is enough for me... propper psychedelic-bassline for those twisted states... and very eerie too. Incredible string hook that send shivers down my spine... Frikkin famous.
A well though-out release from MP. I bet they're having it out there... .
The GMS remix is solid too - you should see it hit home. Awe-some.

Get yer cash out..



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Is this like Ibiza meets psytrance?
I love Ibiza music but I can't see how it would mix with psy..
Hmmm, I'm open though..


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~On the inside cover the artist who wrote the original is mentioned and the remixer isn't... and on the back both are put down. Having said that on the odd tracks they seem to have put remixer credits on as well... hmmm more proof reading needed b4 printing I rekon! :!:


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Hey georgie,

Can you DJ? I reckon you should definitely learn cos you know way too much about all these CD's!! Get on the decks girl! :Smile3:


God mintsmak

[quote="Red five]
nope most of the acts on there are located in the white island...antidote, gms, earthling, juvenile, synthetic/deedrah/dado, logic bomb and so-on are mainly all based in Ibiza.[/quote]

Which version of the cd have you got if it's got Logic Bomb, Earthling and Juvenile on it? :? :huh:

Some of the acts are based on Ibiza, the rest have recorded there or been remixed there.