We all need a hug from 'The Man' sometime, but in what form?


Lord High ChillMaester
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Hey, there's some amazing shite discussed on this part of the forum, really opened my eyes to what some people think in a positive way....

But I digress

What I was wondering was in peoples blessed opinions. what would be the 3, 5, or however many you feel, most important responsibilities of a national governing body
For example - security - they are presumably responsible for keeping it's inhabitants safe, jah?

But what else? In your opinion...

I have my views, but most of my friends think I'm a little Hitler, so I need to rethink them, maybe.... :huh:

Peace an' goodwill....

'n' stuff.


Dame of The Sphinx
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little Hitler...... hehe!


1) Sanitation. Bin men and the like
2) Fiscal Tranfers. That is collecting taxs and distributing them accordingly. (applies mainly to benefits/income tax)
3) Safety. We all hate em, but the uk would be shite without the pigs
4) Foreign policy organising foreign trade
5) Regulations law construction/enforcement

then theres the maybes

6) Monetary policy currently controlled by the B of E - could be seen as a gov. job - used to be
7) Transportation currently privatised, i think it worked better before
8) Health currently a mess! works better abroad where theres no NHS - bloody expensive tho, we'd all have to have health insurance. Much better idea.

any others....... i'll come back to you



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here my first draft for the next reshuffle:

abolish everything and create
new government ministries for:

* life and family (responsible for keeping the important things in life ahead of work and shit in general, wherever possible)
* friends (responsible for promoting friendships at all levels - in the community, internationally and beyond the species barrier)
* other people (responsible for categorising and dealing with everyone else. incorporates the antichav squad (was the police) and the mod (now privatised))
* health (responsible for keeping people healthy and well and supplied with good quality rugs.
* sex (and rugs n rocknroll) - (responsible for most other forms of recreational happiness, hedonism and reproduction)
* food and drink (everything about it, the entire foodchain. violators will be forced to eat their own children)
* shelter (responsble for cardboard boxes, corrugated iron, bricks, mortar and builders, (oh, and sofas, boats and vans))
* thinking (only very smart people are employed here who get paid by results to make people think. passing exams does not count as thinking.)
* sleep (very difficult department to get hold of. but very, very important)
* energy and communication (all the important stuff like the interweb and leky kept in public ownership and run by robots)
* stuff (cars, tv's, left-handed scissors, premium bonds, other artifacts - the usual madness)

all the above reporting on a weekly basis to:
* the department of inner peace
* the department of change

...who do what they say on the tin... and report to you, the electorate.

should work a treat.