we neeed a new home!!


monodelic psyopoly
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Wellington NZ
Hey there,
myself and my girlfriend are in need of a new home in London before the end of feb, Im finding it hard to find something with the right kind of people if you know what I mean!!
I produce and dj full psy trance and me julie is well into it to, we both like to smoke a bit as well.
We are clean, friendly and fun so why not give us a home!!! innit.
If you would liike to be the proud owners of a nearly new sold as seen couple of funksters leave me a message or send me an email
:juggle: ccheers Marcos!!!
wot a pity...
u guys sound cool..
we're only looking for 1 single though....

good luck- im sure some kind hearted fellow funksters will take u guys in....