Wee I've writen a new tune.


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Hello peeps.
Just upgrade my PC and this is the first tune written on it.
Have a listen and tell me what you think.

:bananada: :bananada: :bananada:
The tunes called Flat Line and you'll find it at the bottom of the tunes page of my web site.

Excellent stuff Alan. Really, really well done.

Kept me interested all the way through.

Only tiny weeny thingy I thought (for me personally) was the the reverb of the kick was a bit too heavy at points. Aside form that, perrrfick.

Keep it up dood, they're getting better and better! :partysmi:
Thanks for the feedback I'm glade you liked the tune guys and I hope you and Imak like it Jamez 23.
I do have a confession. Whilset writting this tune my beloved SENNHEISER HD 200 headphones finaly gave up the ghost ( tiny wires smaller than a human hiar broken) and this maybe the reason for me turning up the Reverb a tad to much. still cant hear it on the speakers in my room but this just shows what a difference haveing some proper monitors would make. I'll just have to pop out an mug some passiung pro audio sales man.. Damb.
thanks again for the tip I'll sus it out.
nice musical stuff m8, top lightpsyde this one, kinda got a nice old school sound, nice lfo use of the melodic synths on the end of the 8 bar sections,
lovely arrangment, feels rite in the changes, only complaint for me make make the hi hats more interesting :Wink3: bom shiv m8 :Smile3:

your stuff grooves m8, where u from?
love it. especially the sound that comes in about 4:35. cant find anything critical to say about this one at all, keep it up
just out of interest, what was the upgrade?

Thanks again peeps. The upgrade was a AMD Athlone 64bit 3200. I previously had a AMD Athlone XP 1800 and I also got a gig of DDR RAM which I added to the 256 of RAM I was running on before plus a new motherboard for it all to sit on.
Where am I from? Aldermaston about three miles from where the Glade was last year.
Keep on :partysmi: everybody
very good work, i like it i would just say that when all the melodies are in (particularly the sustained lead that sweeps in), the percussion elements kind of take second place because there isn't enough going on there.. maybe a few more layers to keep it chugging along? :Smile3: