well i slammed on the qubic loops remixes which arrived and track 2 started with an ambient bit that i'm SURE came from a chillout cd that i have

- maybe from carbon based lifeforms, huva network or something

so that was quite wierd

then literally just after i put on the colours remixes which had also come - and the last track, really great remix by shiloh, only had the same thing ??!! :? :runaway:

must be some samples cds being passed around or somefink!!

I hope!!! :trippn: :shrooms: !! :lol: :unsure:



i'm sure heard the intro to an (entheogenic? yea, i think so) track on a BBC advert! cheekily blatant that one. bet they were recording eastenders and thought - ooo, that sounds a bit good, i'll have that, stick some pads on it and call it a weasel.


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what about the sample CDs ott used for blumenkraft cropping up everywhere... gaudi, 1200 mics, and that astrix one (i think its astrix)

maybe someone should go travelling and record more peasants wailing.


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just sifting through some samples earlier and found the dubby drum loop sub 6 and pixel used on teder beseder... have to say i was a little miffed as id always marvelled at their 'programming skills' on that one
oh well...

haha chris classic! well i want whatever dado uses :speaker:

the said event was strange tho :?
what r the chances of playing the 2 tunes one after the other hehe!!!!

one of those strange :trippn: coincidences

gotta love it


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first track on holographic memory , deedrah choon, has the same sample that Koxbox used in the last day of ktristiana (or somthing close to that name).

i actually thought koxbox done that, but seems to be yet another sample. Ahh well