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east midlands
Hello people just thought id let ya know a bit about myself. first of all im a bit of a cunt, but then again aint everybody :Grin: nah only kiddin. right lets get started im 18 at the mo 19 on the 14th oct, currently livin in skegness with my psycho m8 kitchaos, hopin to move back to nottingham soon as its gettin fukin cold on the east coast!

music wise im into anything with a good beat that you can just mong out 2, drug wise i will try absolutly any concoction that you can throw at me, im a bit of a mad head that really just dont care

im postin a couple of pics of me just so u know wot ya dealin with
you got pimp potential :smokingr: welcome to the forum dude :drinking: :cool:
Thankyou old wise one

I have known that i have had the jedi pimp power runnig through my blood since i was 2, my daddy was a pimp and his daddy was a pimp and so on and so forth.

im currently lookin for an assistant pimp for me to teach the pimpin ways so if anybodys interested give me a holla :smokingr:
hey now none of this jedi talk in here unless its coming from me :Grin:
:wow: your b'day is same day as mine so you cant be all that bad :Wink3: welcome to the forum, I'm just down the road in Birmingham as well, (when your in Notts that is)