well hello there


my name is laurence, a london boy born and bred, but now living in (new) london-by-the-sea, more commonly known as brighton. im 19 and i moved down last year to live the lazy life of student (phil. and eng.) and have managed not to fail my first year YAY!
my psy history started with the pendragon parties, the nu nrg crew and planet angel before starting my international travels to voov ('04) and fullmoon this year. i cried at the rain at FMF (which was still amazing) as i couldnt stand another 5 soggy days afterwards at voov so had to miss it and cried all the way to dam. =) (semi) loving the smaller parties in brighton, but def. the free-parties and wishing dark angel would run another labyrinth (awww come on!)
i like my psy to be dark and hard, bouncy and fun with abit of time in chillout and some goa for a change. also love breakbeat, dnb, rock, reggae etc and suffer from many class problems ( "to A or not to A, mmmdeema is the question, but green is the way")
diabolo is my party trick, having learnt 50+ tricks am now im attempting 2, but omfg is it hard! have come here to meet more psy-ppl ( john, jason and alan from brighton if they use this know me) and fully get into the free party scene before getting my own system.


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Welcome to the forum laurence...

I'm sure your fit right in...

It was a shame about the rain,
but hey, that shouldnt stop you!!!

Liz -x-