What am i trying to learn?


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Ive got some new monitors (Fostex PM 1) and im really enjoying the new quality of sound!
all well and good and it sounds nice an all, but ive read variouse things about how you have to learn your monitors before you can get really good results.
presumably this is to do with finding out the reponse curve of the monitors and how flat the response is and adjusting your mixes to the right volumes etc bla bla bla

to be honest i understand it the principle i think, but im a bit boggled as to how to go about implementing it?

How would i check the response of my monitors?


if anyone has any helpful tips id be most grateful!



what this means roughly, (or how I've always understood it) is that you want to listen to your record collection through your new monitors, so you know roughly what things should be sounding like.

You don't want to start altering the levels of your mix just because of an EQ curve! Have a listen to some of your favourite tracks by other people, and conciously listen to how everything sounds.

Now, play one of your tracks. If it sounds okay - it is

Hope you are enjoying your new speakers :Smile3:
So that's what you mean by 'learning yer monitors'.....

So I shouldn't have booked the private maths tutor then :unsure:
Sweet! Cheers speakerfreaker!
Ive noticed differences in tunes sounding better produced or not through them which i never noticed before on crappy speakers, but i dont feel i know much more about what they are like.
Except them being much clearer and the stereo imaging being great.
How do i determine whats right or wrong

how wrong are the speakers likely to be? are they likely to produce more bass or less bass than there actually is?


Judging on whats right or wrong comes with spending hours mixing on them and listening to tunes that you know from experience, sound great.
How "wrong" the speakers are likely to be depends on their frequency responce mainly.
Ported speakers are tuned to exaggerate a certain low frequency. Cheap ported monitors give this "one note" bass response. Also were and how you are going to place them is important.
Don't place them near corners or walls, and make sure you move around in your room to identify the nodes and antinodes.

chris H said:
how wrong are the speakers likely to be? are they likely to produce more bass or less bass than there actually is?

There are no absolutes Chris.

Just use The Force and all will be well.