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Li Yun

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Hi everyone...i have a work in progress tune to try on your ears...the reason being is cos my setup is at my parents new house while i find somewhere to live in london..therefore I am not near it and wont be for a while...its morning trance really that starts at a slow pace...

its called leavingyou/foundyou

comments and critisism would help loads!!!

www.soundclick.com/bands/4/psyliyunmusic.htm :bananada:

i really like it; the melodies are really nicely articulated, good progression & really 'warm' chord changes.

it's both happy & sad - just what i like.

the kick drums could probably have a bit more presence.... the part where the sort-of-bassline kicks in and the funky percussive stuff is happening is really cool; nice arp stuff going on there.

nice work!

are thanks man good to hear!! in fact good to hear a voice!! its been ages to get anyfeedback..people here must be abit shy!! :Wink3: