what do u use 4 beat&percussion?


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what software or hardware? :unsure:
I like using Phamatik Poo (sic) and Numerology, soon to be NI Battery to basically trigger samples.


cycling74.com 's new MODE synth looks, so far so good, like it could be a nice drum synth but I am eagerly waiting on Logic 7's Ultrabeat synth. There are a bunch of people on KVR that sing praise for the BFD synth but I haven't tried it yet.
I'll be doing my second album over the summer ... and am happy with using Audiomulch with a nice stack of samples. The lovely thing about Audiomulch is that you can apply all sorts of filters onto the drums - and very precisely mix clean/filtered beats at specific frequency ranges. Running a load of hi-hats against multiple phaser loops can build some lovely effects...

You can also add sub-bass onto beats - which is bloody good fun!
battery all the way, sometimes several

for breakbeat/dnb stuff i also make extensive use of my extensive collection of classic breaks, sometimes using recycle to chop/tempo-shift, sometimes by hand in soundforge (depends on the break)
freeware drum machines mainly ERS drums and CM505. Sometimes the Drum Dragon for weirder stuff.

Although I have used the Moog Modular V on occasion for kicky blips n'stuff, although its envelopes are not really set up for this, and controlling things can be tricky.
cheers for the link will be checking that...

Akai "Latin Percussion" is pretty decent
Battery, Kontakt (Cubase) - EXS24 (Logic). If I'm feeling really lazy I'll use Stylus, but I've got enough old loops kicking around that I don't always have to.

mmm.. percussion samples....

i use my pet hamster 'cosy powell'

and he rocks
ESX24 & a Library of Hits & loops collected over the years / recycle if i wanna a slice up a loop and of course plugs n stuff too :Grin:
Stylus! just started using it (the original version) and its great. the version i've got comes with mainly hip-hop beats but you can manipulate them loads and obviously add other vst fx on top to produce really good psytrancey beats. highly recommended...

other than that just the accumulated samples of years of buying magazines and raiding people's harddrives...