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Hi all.
Just a quick profile for anyone whos interested.
Ive been Dj'ing for 5-6 years now, under various alias'. Learning to mix from the beginning with vinyl and now for the past 3 years on cd. I started mixing deep bass driven progressive house, before making the gradual change through hard house, techno (acid and otherwise), and now for the past 4 years... psychedelic.
Parallel to my full on tastes in music, ive always been very very eclectic.
Ive gone through phases and have dj'd most styles of music at least once in front of a crowd. And love Roots dub/ reggae as a regular chill out.
(in the past ive played at:
mostly northern nights and festy's but just to name a few:
- 'the Jugglers Ball' <techno + dub>,
- 'Break the Habit' <jungle, breaks and electronica>
- 'INverted' <ambient/chill out>
- 'Kulu' <back room- roots dub>
- 'Sunrise' <back room- roots dub>
- 'Earth Acendance 03 <main, psychedelic>
- 'Pixchievious 04 <hardtek and jungle>
plus a plethora of random northern squats and all our own Strange Daze parties.
If anyone is looking for a eclectic dj, then feel free to contact me via pm.
For me Psychedli-tech and roots dub come first but love to play any of the styles mentioned above on either cdj's Or Vinyl .