Whats missing?

Hey dude!
youve definately got some good ideas. was definately having a little bop there!
if it was me id probs change the kick (to something with a bit more of a crack in it) and bring the volume of it down a bit. also, i reckon, it would really boost the tune to concentrate on the percussion, get some nice groves going and slip in some crackling snares to get it bouncing. as for the lead line that you reckon sounds slightly wrong, i reckon it sounds pretty cool but theres possibly a bit too much of it (its amazing how much more effective it sometimes is to just tease ya listeners with your big sounds, as you dont want them to start thinking ok time for some other noises, you want them to go "shit i wanna hear that sick sound again!").
Definately a sweet tune in da making!
hope thats helpful (i dont know that much so might be wrong about stuff, but just my initial thoughts!) Keep up the good work dude!

thankyou guys - i appreciate that.

just you wait till you hear my next track!

its got a kick thats more dangerous than a barreful of snakes (imho). but yes the hyperdrive one is a bit flabby!

thanks again guys