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Hey boyz & girls..

I stepped by a mistake to this forum, and looked very interesting to me so I have decided to be a member...

Im from Cyprus/greece and actually Im a psy-fan :punk: aswel as fan to the electronic music as a general... I'm djing my self a bit as well at local parties here... Most of it i play prog-psy trance and I also enjoy to play chillout... :smoke:

I' currently working in new productions :lmao: I have been producing a bit, but as with all those that are still waiting I'm still on the que...

Well, it looks an interesting forum and I wish to u all Love & light with the begining of this new year 2004...

Hey CHP!

It's heva, you get everywhere eh? Hehehe hope all is well, happy new year :lol:

:welcome: hellooooo to you

hope you enjoy your stay

Love & Light

Mrs B :Smile3:
:wow: That was a warm welcoming from u guys.... :sun:
:thanks: a lot... Heva, eheheh as u can see Im digging my nose everywhere :cheekywink:

Anyways, It looks like fan... I hope my visit here will be pleasent and warm...

Boom to everyone!!!! :smokingr: