Whats wrong with Gabba 'n' Tekno?


Come on you hippies why dont u like gabba n tekno, it goes bang bang like psy trance?


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jamez_23 said:
its alright ......

not really inspiring anymore though is it ......?

psytrance on the other hand inspires....

Fatali. (age 21)

Intergalactic. (age 22)

Intelabeam. (age 9)



oh go on, just one then..
Some of techno at the moment is well good, very tribal and messy sounding. Still go to the occasional party if I'm on the continent.
I mostly shy away from gabba nowadays, loved it when I was between 14 and 16, but it's lost its appeal.
Mind you there's a load of psy stuff I like even less than techno :Wink3:


heehe h !!

I remember a time when Gabba was truely inspiring to me ....... used to go to the "What Planet are you on" parties in the studio in Brixton ..... really loved it ....... mental music ...... little Dj Tora banging it out in a bad ass industrial stylee !! he he !

Tekno is such a broad term ...... I suppose what I meant is that 'acid tekno' no longer inspires me ........ I'm sure there is still good stuff around .....


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Nothing wrong with a bit of Gabba or Techno buit as they say all things in moderation including moderation.


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i like teckno.....not sure about gabba!!

it's like py trance but without the superiority complex, the beer and drugs are cheaper and u don't av to pay silly money to get in!!!!

more effort is usually put in wth psy events and don't get me wrong i like my psy .......


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Not sure about the lumping together of techno & gabba - techno covers a wide variety of sounds & scenes

I quite like a bit of acid techno in its place - you cannot really beat it for 5am 'aving it music - but was talking to lad I know who's been DJing acid techno for a long time & he was saying that even Stay Up Forever are wondering what to do next as the scene has really shrunk in the last few years...

I know nothing about Gabba - theres never been much call for it up here -!


i love dirty breaks and DnB/jungle but i get really bored by tekno and gabba. well gabba has its novelty value sometimes i suppose, and i try not to be overly serious about music, but, in the words of jimmy in the bloods vs. crips episode of south park, come on! i have had some good experiences a few years ago with really good acid tekno (big-ass squat party in hackney nye 2002/2003, on lsd, morning after in a massive room with a glass wall, looking over rainy london as liberators 'london acid city' played:irolleyes) but i'm not really a messy woteva kinda guy.
i'm a much bigger fan of captivating psytrance in the morning in the middle of the woods, colourful interesting music...
tekno is just loopy and has shit production values, generally. i listen to trance and theres all these interesting sounds, cleverly placed noises, and a whole range of moods and vibes. very cleverly engineered music. teknos just sloppy, loopy and messy. i do like all sorts of music, from blissful 0bpm to all over the place madness, but theres a few stops along the way that my train skips right through...


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I'm from the generation to whom "it's all techno isn't it?" Techno comes in thousands of shades though, depends what's being played.

Gabba... It's not at all like the gabba I used to hear over ten years ago, plus the changes aren't any kind of improvement. Well people tell me it's all about it being funny or a joke. I get very bored or sick of that joke after ten minutes or less.

Nowt wrong with either of them in the right place really...

Just in the case of Gabba it's generally on the other side of the mountain to where I'm partying.


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Fromem_Ory said:

tekno is just loopy and has shit production values, (....) trance and theres all these interesting sounds, cleverly placed noises, and a whole range of moods and vibes. very cleverly engineered music. teknos just sloppy, loopy and messy.

ermmm... there may be a few people who disagree...


underground acid tekno is generally not produced to the standards of trance. its classicaly based on loops. and the traditional drug is K.
i spent years going to acid tekno squat parties...


Theres a problem here tho, you cant really attain the 'state of trance' with music that is constantly changing and keeping the people aware, tekno in this way is allot more trance, because once you hit that point, you can stay there for hours (assuming of course tekno does it for ya)....I'v never found that with Psy Trance, I can jump around and have a wikid stomp, but I never 'trance out', to much going on, and to little repetativeness......pherhaps the names should be switched, Psy Tekno and Acid Trance? :P

Personally I find Euphoric trance getz me where I wana b.....flying (not with the fukin castles in the sky tho thanx, cheezy bollox b4 you all start :P lol)

I love Tekno tho, dont really like Gabba, although a little bit at a time i can deal with lol prefer old-skool-hardcore, broken beat stuff, 4:4 beatz hiegher than 160bmp's freak me out :crazy: