Where's Josh

could do with some positive company, but that aint gonna happen so ill go for the slightly damaged pie :Smile3:

can i not just have the mice in the pie :unsure: extra protein never hurts :hehe:
ooh i can't do red wine...
gives me a headache!

i can do white though!!! :Wink3:

but i prefer my cheeese with toast... hehe :p
white wine and cheese just doesnt do it for me
give me a merlot any day with some good cheese :Wink3:

edit : just not mansion house, thanks ......................one word for that ..............EUGH !!!

im just guessin here , but have you lot started on the cider or mansion house then ?
edit: the giggles are normally the first signs :Wink3:
evilwill said:
is squashed cheese pie not just pie made from squashed cheese?

That would be squashed-cheese pie

Tor's cheese pie recipe (as snarfed by Goz)

take one camembert electrique
wrap it in puff the magic dragon pastry
bake it in the oven for 30 minutes
eat it with watercress salad

puke, cos it was so good you ate it all and that's a lorra lard!!!!
I know Josh is in NY, the question was kinda rhetorical......i was implying he should be posting in here, he's a joker!