Where's Josh


i had cheese on toast agian this morning

ner ner ner

*hears the toaster go pop *
*goes to kitchen, gets out the recipe book *

ooh feck i cant be arsed
*sits and munches on toast with .................. tomatoe sauce, melted cheese, and sprinkles of garlic *

ummm what shall i have for lunch ?
moonbeam1 said:
nomnononmnomomom mmmmmm
I am eating a cheese and bacon turnover right now

hee hee! see why i thort this thread was about food!
like 'now playing'
'now eating'
chocolate truffle cheesecake (a passion i inherited from me dad:hehe:)
anyway! hope josh is bak soon:rolleyes:
Spinach and ricotta slice... mmmmmm.......
I just read the description of it on the packet : "Spinach and creamy Italian ricotta with a little nutmeg, wrapped in golden puff pastry"

yummy :Grin: