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It recently struck me that seeing as i am a cellist and all, and hate using sampled strings or string machines, that the best thing i could do would be to invest in a decent mic!

Problem is, I know pretty much sod all about mics.

Hyper-cardoid, cardoid, condenser??? WTF???

All I want to know, is which mic is going to record my cello, without colouring the sound to much, and not break the bank in the process??

Any ideas? :Grin:
A large diaphragm condencer (capacitor) mic like the Rode NT2 will do just fine. If you want something nicer (around £500) the Neumann TLM 103 is one of the best mics in that price range.

Go for a condencer mic as they are more detailed and can caprture the top end better than dynamic mics that have diaphragms that are too heavy for that range.

Peace out.
Rode NT2 - £299
Oktava MK-012a - £89.99
Behringer B1 - £82.99
<span style='font-size:8pt;line-height:100%'>Prices from Digital Village</span>

Not having used the B1 I can't comment on it but the Rode and the Oktava are both very nice mics; the Oktava in particular is just silly value for money. Rather than spend £300 on a Rode I'd recommend buying the MK or the B1 and spending the extra on a channel strip like the Focusrite Platinum Trakmaster. This will give you a high-quality signal-path into your recorder, miles better than a soundcard.
Thanks for the advice guys.

I am currently investigating my options, due to the above prompting, and thinking, that perhaps what i want is two channel strip from focusrite, as then i could do stereo recordings, etc. etc.

This looks like a good option for me, as it wil allow me to get the source a good long way away from me howling, growling hand built PC!

Again thanks for the info.