Who are FATMOON?


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Fatmoon are Cheryl & Mark (Technomedics), Serena (DJSV). and Peter (Sven)
We set up FATMOON to bring you some very special fullmoon parties. The fullmoon just brings out the very best vibes for partying. We hold parties to vibrate your senses, excite and inspire you.
Every sense is important to us and we try to bring you environments which are pleasureable on many levels, from the decor to the DJ's, its all important.
We take people on a magic carpet ride though fantastic lands meeting all things weird and wonderful on the way.
Come feel the vibrations of full moon partying and absorb its spiritual energies.
FATMOON hope to put on as many parties as we are able to. Both on our own and in collaboration with other people. We are always keen to experience work done by others DJ's, VJ's, artists, dancers, live PA's, butchers, bakers and candlestickmakers!!! We would love to hear from/about you..
if you fancy getting involved in our freeparties or having a chat leave us a message...
or just take a look around!
see you soon!
xx Fatmoon

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Hi there Fatmoon folks, welcome to the forum, enjoy. Maybe our paths will cross sometime in the future