whos is set being played at 11pm on thurs 15th april???!!

Matt EJ

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hi ya

im listening to the radio at the moment and it sfucking ace.

i dont know who it is djing but they have blown me away.

im trying to download a recorder so i can record it but failing messerably, anyone know who it is djing and if they have a copy of the mix i could have off em? its bloody fantastic.

blows me out the bloody water !!!! damn them to hell for being so damn good.

i think thats rnough praise, now does anyone know the answer???

cheers Matt EJ

while we'r on it how can i record the radio stream? im playing out my fast track pro output but non of the recorders will record anything

cheers Matt EJ again
hi matt

unfortunately recording the stream is prohibited due to copyright laws, but most pre-recorded mixes can be found in the media vault [URL="https://www.psymusic.co.uk[/URL].
the flash player seems to hang slightly on track info, but media player/winamp links will always show track title at the time.

due to said copyright laws anyone found ripping the stream may be banned at the admin's discretion, so your best bet is just to keep your eye out when you hear something that grabs you, search the vault if a mix or buy it if an individual track from an album :Smile3:

hi ya

thanks for the advice, i totally didnt realise this. my bad

how would i know which mix was played last night? also how do i acces the vault?

thanks again and sorry for my naivety