Whuts up ?? :)


Jester / Alien Crew
Hello everyone.. my name is Vinny and im from Montreal Canada.. stumbled upon your site throught a link from Isratrance. I must say the forum looks great.. very nice theme and design..

My current interests are Djing and music in all forms.. Im putting together my own label as well, releasing techtrance and progressive music under JESTER records..

I hope we can have a pleasent time on this forum. :Smile3:

PEACE to all !


Jester / Alien Crew
not alot of people dig techtrance.. but those who do love it and cherish it.. :Grin:

thanks for the open welcome everyone... :Smile3:


hmmmm ..... there is a real grey area between tech trance / prog trance / prog house .... it all crosses over quite nicely imo ....