Record Label Why Record Labels Don't Respond To Your Emails ?


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playback at 2x speed and i'm still thinking I should have skipped my second coffee... Maybe he left 10 lines of spaces between each line of text and the label didn't have the patience to finish reading the email?

But yes, his points are valid. He dances around one topic that I feel is actually THE MAIN POINT:
Labels typically want to release self-similar music. It's bad dumb and wrong, and why our world is going downhill, but it's the reality...
There are a FEW labels that want eclectic sounds, but not in psytrance (even most Suomi wants conformity on the subject matters that count)

If your song does not fit the labels existing catalog, they will probably not be interested...

DJ Open Source is referencing an additional topic that is not explicitly stated: many beginning artists overvalue their initial efforts or feel themselves ready when they are not yet ready. DJ Open Source neglects to tell us that many unprepared artists who have NO depth, NO maturity, a mono-chromatic sound product of copy-cat-ing and polishing the same knob over and over (polished turd) can have a GREAT success in electronica.
We literally reward crappy one-trick-ponies, so his diatribe on musical quality probably falls on deaf ears and seems hypocritical and ironic to me.
... as we know, production means more than song structure in modern psy. It's sad but true...

Labels that don't respond don't deserve your better music, your better email, your better effort, they deserve to be ignored. Eat their lunch.
Why feed bad squirrels. Get some friends together and make your own label.

News Flash: Aside from Nano or Sangoma or Spin-Twist, no psy labels are very big, and often are just groups of friends doing what they love, possibly even ignoring emails :Smile3:

DIY, that's the basic essence of the rave scene...

DJ Open Source, please ditch your sunglasses so we can trust you better. People who wear shiny sunglasses indoors are dodgy and want to sell you fake pills.
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I was sure he was greek .:Rofl: Its our characteristic english accent
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