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    I am the founder of a very new trance lable in Melbourne australia called Psypneumatix Records weve been around for about a year and a half now putting on partys and getting our selves prepared for the official world wide launch of the label..

    Artists include

    Nexus Crawler - Full on
    Renegade Peanut - Dark
    Delta Nuge - Dark
    Psyclone - Agressive / Full on
    BufferZone - Dark / twisted
    Decibel - twisted
    Syzmix - Uplifting / Full on
    Hioctal - Uplifting / Full on
    Bok - Progressive


    Marc - Belgium/Australia
    Paradine - New Zealand
    ****** - London
    ****** - Potugual

    Spot who's missing :Wink3:

    Resently we had a stage at the 10th anniversary Earthcore which had in attendence nearly 15,000 ppl...What a party! And this was the launch of our first release which was a limited edition just for australia for the event which sold out in 4 weeks all via forums like this....

    And things are moving extreamly quickly and Im expanding to europe and Im looking for DJ's at this stage to join the crew...

    Someone in London and portugel as I plan to spend a bit of time in these places..

    We have our second release planned for April/May. This is when we have a party in the works which may be a joint effort with Kairoo records along with Legohead (Tribeadelic) and Possably I.O.S./Illussion of Self (Tribeadelic)

    Kairoo Records - Check it out.

    This will also be the wolrd wide launch of our website which is going to be the coolest thing scince sliced bread. :Wink3: Come april/may 2004 PP is going to explode into the psy scene like nothing any one has ever seen....

    So we are looking for someon ethat is already fairly established as a DJ already but any one is welcome to send there demo's, The style we are into is different forms of full on....I like the uplifting sort of full on, Space buhda's is a sound Im realy into right now and Visual paradox. In terms of lables the 3D vision and Spun type sound go down very wickedly in my ear canal. :partysmi:

    So if you would like a STACK!!! Im talking 4 - 5 cd's of the newest style of Australian trance arriving in your mail box send me a mixed DJ demo.

    If you a producer Id love to hear your stuff as well....

    If you want to discuss anything further drop me a PM.

    Till then DOOF ON! :punk:
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    well i'll send u some demo's and i'll get me friends to do some as well
    pm on its way!!
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