Wildthings Records - 1st Release! 'Wild Rumpus'

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~ WiLDTHiNGS RECORDS -Debut Album Release- 'WiLD RUMPUS' ~


1 - Hoodwink - Bad Machine
2 - Hoodwink - Chronic
3 - RealityGrid - Crystaline Phases
4 - RealityGrid - Quantum Bits
5 - E.V.P - Cosmic Console
6 - E.V.P - Digi Talkin
7 - E.V.P - Robotiks
8 - Error Corrective - Phlon
9 - Error Corrective - Cyclic Transformation

All rights reserved to the artists (C) 2005 Wildthings Records

Wildthings has just completed the production of our first label compilation and release 'WILD RUMPUS'. The first compilation is a selection of music produced by a range of four globally unheard of new UK acts who have and will be making a big impact on the British underground psytrance scene. We have obtained a distribution deal from Arabesque a reliable and well known company with good coverage of the world trance scene. The CD should hit the shops in May.

This first CD will introduce four new Wildthings artists: EVP, Hoodwink, RealityGrid and Error Corrective. It's a compilaton of original and full on psychedelic grooves with many unique flavours, each track and each artist has conjoured up a particular vibe which deserves its place at parties and dancefloors around the world. It has what we feel is a very non-commercial, and psychedelic sound.

We have three initial album projects in the pipeline awaiting release, the first, a finished album from EVP (Electronic Virtual Psychedelia), and also another album near completion from Hoodwink, and another in production for later this year by RealityGrid.


Catch EVP & Error Corrective at the release party of 'WILD RUMPUS' at TRiBE of FRoG ~ FRoGZ iN SPAAAACE!! on Saturday 30th April 2005 at the Black Swan, Bristol. For more info on this party visit WWW.TRiBEOFFROG.COM